Tap, tap, zoooom

The future is bright after all…….Being a HGV driver is not a job, it’s a religion. Who else would do what you guys do? Under constant attack by the cyclist morons, getting up at daft o’clock, getting home after the Channel 4 News. However, despite the downsides there is the opportunity to earn some decent money and working for yourself certainly helps in this regard. The trick is to work for yourself and why not use Affirm Accountancy’s DriverPlus product to help you achieve this.

Fixed fees.
No joining charges.
No termination fees.
No hidden charges.
All our services are included in the fixed weekly fee of £25.
Free limited company set up.
Free HMRC registration.
Free ongoing accountancy advice.

Under DriverPlus, we take our weekly fees from the VAT money paid to you from the Agency, the money you you receive is the net amount you’ve earnt. The remaining monies are used to pay your company’s taxes, so you’re never out of pocket.

We do all the spadework for you like setting up your limited company, registering it with HMRC, ensuring your compliant. On an ongoing basis we deal within your agency, pay all of your taxes on your behalf, we even might need to make you an emergency payment, if your agency does not pay your invoices on time. In the meantime you will have peace of mind that all of the HMRC taxes, such as VAT, Corporation Tax, NIC and PAYE payments are being made by us.

An important part of being a DriverPlus customer is the “DriverGuaranteedCompliance” status we award our drivers when they become 100% compliant. All of our customers are currently 100% compliant. Which gives the Agencies comfort that their Drivers are compliant and so is their part of the supply chain.

What do you need to do?

It goes without saying, the best thing to do is calling us on 01204 573555 and having a friendly chat. After the company is set up, you will need to:

  • Open a limited company bank account;
  • Obtain some public liability insurance, this will cost you approx. £120 per year;
  • Pay yourself from the limited company bank account in a compliant manner; and
  • Promoting your business is not that difficult in the days of free social media. Every company should have a simple Facebook page detailing among other things- your contact details, a list of recently completed work assignments and customers, the odd photograph, and don’t forget the lorries that you drive and your experiences. The trick is then to ask your friends to share and like your page. It will be soon In front of the agencies. awareness and your willingness to work will shine through

Our experiences of the HGV driver industry demonstrates that a fully compliant company is better than a non-compliant one.

Call us on 01204 573555 if you need any assistance in setting up your company or want to discuss any aspect of your current compliance.TOM24


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